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Sponsorships & Marketing Opportunities

We’re proud to offer you, our ISS World Expo exhibitor, multiple opportunities to extend your brand and increase exposure, with options to meet every budget. From customized event invitations to multi-tiered marketing programs, we have a cost-effective solution to help you stand out from the crowd!

Brochure: Sponsorships

After you've secured your booth space for the ISS World Expo, there’s more you can do to maximize your exposure at the show! In this brochure, you’ll find a list of ideas for spreading the word about your participation in the event. Each of these can help you generate a wealth of new business leads!

Brochure: Exhibitor Directory Flier

This piece is a supplement to the above Sponsorships Brochure. It focuses on opportunities related to our online exhibitor directory and platform (Map Your Show) as well as our mobile app.

Marketing Checklist


Use this handy checklist to spread the word about your company’s participation in the ISS World Expo. It’ll help you create and follow a strategy to generate tremendous return on investment.

VIP Customer-Invite Program


Invite your customers and prospects to the show with a special VIP offer! We’ve partnered with a third-party vendor, Feathr, to help you get your very important clients to the expo. Click on the link below to learn about several useful tools.