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Custom Marketing Materials and Customer-Invite Program

To help you get the most out of the ISS World Expo, we’re offering several custom marketing materials as well as a special invite program for your VIP customers, all provided by a third-party vendor called Feathr. These are designed to help you maximize your exposure at the event and let people know you’re participating!

Custom Marketing Materials

We’re providing you with several useful marketing tools:
  • Your very own customer-registration landing page
  • A customizable email you can send to customers
  • Pre-designed web banners that include your ISS World Expo booth number(s)

Feathr will provide you with a link to a dashboard where you can access, customize and use all the above. Don’t forget to share this link with everyone on your team, so they can all invite their clients. 

Invite Your Customers

Using the tools Feathr provides, you can offer your prospects and customers a free Expo Package (limited to 25 uses) or a $30 discount on our Seminar Package or All-Access Package (unlimited uses). Simply provide your clients with your unique registration link. You can also share this link in your emails, social media posts and newsletters!


Attendee badges: Physical badges are back! Now you can easily identify speakers, exhibitors and fellow attendees.

Agenda adjustment: ISS World Expo has returning to its traditional format, with dedicated education and exhibit-hall hours that do not overlap.

Food and beverage options: With our move to Caesars Forum Conference Center, our host hotel (Harrah's) and nearby promenade offer a wide array of open-air restaurants.