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Marketing Opportunities Checklist

After you've secured your booth space for the ISS World Expo, there’s more you can do to help maximize your exposure at
the show. Here's a list of easy marketing ideas to help spread the word about your participation in the event. 


  • E-blast: Send an email blast to customers and prospects informing them of your participation in the show. Include a creative message that promotes the show along with your exclusive promotions or live demonstrations.
  • Email signature: Promote your booth number and a registration button under your email signature to encourage customers to register for the show. 
  • E-blast contests: Send an email to attendees that promotes an exciting show-specific contest, one exclusive to your customers.
  • Landing page: Create a landing page on your website where your prospects can gain more information about your participation in the show. Include images, videos, booth information, products and services you’ll be showcasing, special announcements, and show exclusives. If you’re doing a presentation, include a description, date and time and any other valuable information.
  • Online sponsorships: We have various digital opportunities are available for purchase. View the sponsorship menu for more information.


  • E-blast: Send an email blast to customers and prospects informing them of your participation in the show. Include a creative ISS Magazine ad: Purchase an ad in Inside Self-Storage Magazine that promotes your company and booth. This is a great way to connect with your target audience!
  • Show Guide ad: Purchase an ad in the official ISS World Expo Show Guide to promote your company and booth. Grab everyone's attention and promote your business well!


  • VIP invitation: Send a personal invitation to your prospects and loyal customers about your exhibit. Keep it brief, and don’t forget to include your booth number!
  • Postcard: Create an eye-catching postcard to mail to your customers and prospects about your participation in the show.
  • Envelopes: Print or stamp a message promoting attendance on your company envelopes.
  • Invoices: Promote your booth number and information in communications you are already sending, such as invoices to customers.


  • Facebook: Facebook offers a wide range of promotional opportunities, from posts that promote your booth to targeted ads.
  • Twitter: Promote your booth via numerous tweets using the #issworldexpo hashtag.
  • LinkedIn: Start a discussion on the ISS LinkedIn page that promotes your booth. You can also use targeted ads that go straight to industry decision-makers. Your sales team can also connect with industry professionals on LinkedIn.  


  • Press release: Write a press release about exhibiting at the show and distribute it to industry and local media. Don’t forget to mention anything you may be debuting or demonstrating at the event. List and press-release templates are available upon request.
  • Press conference: Introduce your company's products to the industry media in person by holding a press conference at the show; offer special interviews with writers, publishers, bloggers, online influencers, etc. 
  • Press kit: Create an electronic press kit that includes company information, product photos, press releases or marketing collateral. Upload it to your website. 
  • Press clips: Monitor media outlets to see if your company got any press; if so, email the articles to your customers and prospects to show the amount of exposure from the show.


  • Special events: Get the whole show talking by hosting a special event at your booth such as coffee in the early morning or a small happy hour.
  • Live demonstrations: Host a live product demonstration in your booth. Attendees love to see your offerings in action!


  • Hold message: Promote your attendance at the show by mentioning your booth and special show promotions as part of your company hold message.
  • Phone calls: Contact your leads and prospects personally and invite them to the show. Mention your booth number and special promotions.


  • Coupon: Provide attendees with a coupon that can be submitted at your booth for a free gift or giveaway. Consider providing a premium gift to those who move forward with your company.
  • Discounts: Provide special product pricing that will only be available to those who attend the show.
  • Lead retrieval: Send all attendees a follow-up email as well as a personalized letter or card thanking them for stopping by your booth.