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Examples of Session Descriptions and Bullet Points


Straight Talk About Self-Storage Construction: Materials, Timelines and Budgets  
The self-storage construction process can be complex and overwhelming, as it involves many critical factors. You must know how to choose building materials and components, set timelines, and create and maintain the budget. In this session, a steel-building professional who has worked with architects, contractors, engineers, installers and owners shares inside tips for ensuring things go smoothly.  

You’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important to build a great development team  
  • How your choice of materials and components impacts eco-friendliness, flexibility and costs  
  • The factors on which timelines depend  
  • How to negotiate budgets, terms and contingency plans  
  • The effect of site layout on project efficiency 


Don’t Waste Your Virtual Real Estate! How to Optimize Your Self-Storage Website 
If you’re spending thousands of dollars a year on self-storage sales and advertising, you need to ensure your website is making the best possible impression. Every page that isn’t enabling people to store with you is wasted space. That doesn’t mean every page has to generate leads, however. Find out how to create a better website that’ll engage self-storage prospects and existing customers. 

You’ll learn: 

  • How the best technology can create growth across all audience demographics  
  • Where you can measure your website’s performance and identify gaps  
  • What success you should expect from your investment in website optimization  
  • When to go off-the-shelf and when to develop in-house   
  • Why personalization is key to an effective conversion strategy 


Soup Up Your Sales Team! A Self-Storage Owner’s Guide to Powerful Staff Performance 
Self-storage operational success is largely predicated on the power of your facility sales team. In this session, learn from a fellow owner how to set key performance metrics and the benefits of sharing them with employees. You’ll also get ideas for providing ongoing training, tactics to help your team close rentals faster, insight to performance-based compensation and other staff-strengthening strategies.

You’ll learn:

  • How to identify key operational areas where leads are lost  
  • The benefits of providing ongoing learning opportunities   
  • Proven tactics to help your team close sales more quickly   
  • How to structure bonuses and performance-based compensation   
  • The benefits and application of team goal-setting 

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