Day 2 - Wednesday, September 30

10-10:50 a.m. ET


What Comes Next? A Panel Discussion of Self-Storage in a Post-COVID World

Rick Beal, Co-Founder, Atomic Storage Group

Bill Bellomy, Partner, Bellomy & Co.
Terry Campbell, Executive Vice President of Small Business Lending, Live Oak Bank
Jamie Lindau, National Sales Manager, Trachte Building Systems
Magen Smith and Matthew Van Horn, Co-Founders, Atomic Storage Group

Understanding that the self-storage industry has been impacted across all segments by the coronavirus health crisis and the strategies being used in facility investing and operation today, where might the business be headed? The pandemic is unprecedented and unpredictable, making it tough to pinpoint its trajectory. Our experts will share their predictions, based on their many years of industry practice, and current observations of customers, staff, market dynamics and performance.

11-11:50 a.m. ET


Checks and Balances: Site Auditing for Self-Storage Success

Carol Mixon-Krendl, Owner and President, SkilCheck Services

Site audits play an extremely important role in effective self-storage operation. Our presenter will offer insight to help supervisors implement proactive and preventive measures that ensure stronger site performance and minimize drains on productivity and revenue, such as employee theft and lack of policy compliance. She’ll share an overview of the auditing process, areas to evaluate, red flags to watch for and what to do when problems are uncovered.

You’ll learn:

  • The most important numbers on your management-report summary
  • How data manipulation affects overall profitability
  • Policies that improve site performance and deter employee theft
  • Policies that improve income reporting and employee productivity
  • Measures you can implement to deter and encourage policy compliance

Noon - 12:50 p.m. ET


Smart Strategies to Reduce Self-Storage Building Costs

Edward A. Gazzola, CEO, Bennett & Pless Inc.

When developing self-storage, there are lots of things that can increase cost and risk, and many are related to the structural design of the building. In this session, you’ll learn the most important items that affect construction spending and get simple tips to evaluate your proposed building for too much design (i.e., extra cost) or too little (i.e., extra risk).

You’ll learn:

  • The impact of the structural design on construction costs
  • How to address large lateral loads (earthquake/high wind)
  • How to address poor soil conditions
  • Innovative ideas to reduce the cost of materials or labor
  • Common building-design myths

1-1:50 p.m. ET


Self-Storage Q&A: Technology & Security

Thomas Brooks, Managing Director, PTI Security Systems
Robert Chiti, CEO, OpenTech Alliance Inc.

Have questions about how to best use technology and security tools as part of your self-storage operation? This is the session for you! Ask our hosts your questions about software, websites, kiosks, mobile tools and apps, electronic locks, gate systems, PWAs, smart systems and so much more.

2-2:50 p.m. ET


You Might Need a Self-Storage Lawyer if…

Jeffrey Greenberger, Partner, Greenberger & Brewer LLP

Regardless of their industry experience, sooner or later, every facility operator will need to call an attorney. After all, there are some intersections of law and self-storage that are extremely counterintuitive. You may take the wrong course of action and end up facing personal or company liability. Our presenter will discuss the most common situations in which operators should absolutely seek legal advice and why. 

You’ll learn:

  • When you must call a self-storage attorney
  • Areas of self-storage law that are confusing and counterintuitive
  • Situations in which it might be illegal or unethical for you to handle your own legal matters
  • Which issues, if handled improperly, can result in criminal liability
  • Why bankruptcy doesn’t make sense for self-storageoperations

3-3:50 p.m. ET


Clinch the Deal: 7 Steps to Superior Self-Storage Sales

Sean Landry, Owner and President, Expert Storage Management

Self-storage managers juggle many responsibilities, but as always, renting units is the No. 1 priority! Sometimes it seems like you need a degree in salesmanship to be truly successful. This seminar will breakdown the ultimate process for transforming leads into rentals. Our presenter will detail what to say and how to say it when the office phone rings or someone walks in the door.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create true rapport with your customers
  • How to convert more leads into rentals
  • How to earn lifelong tenants and referrals
  • How to effectively market your facility
  • How to overcome objections and close the deal

4-4:50 p.m. ET


Structuring Self-Storage Deals in a New Reality: A Guide for Buyers and Sellers

Ben Vestal, CEO, Argus Self Storage Advisors

The real estate market has transformed in response to the coronavirus pandemic, and self-storage transactions have changed right along with it. The buy/sell process is more competitive than ever, and property price is only part of the equation. What separates the winners from the losers and positions an owner/investor for success? Deal terms and structure! In this session, you’ll get insight to both. You’ll also hear about underwriting and how facility value has altered. Find out how to be a competitive buyer or seller in an even more competitive marketplace.

You’ll learn:

  • Deal structuring for today’s volatile times
  • How to make your offers stand out from others in the market
  • How to protect your investment during a sales transaction
  • How to be tough but fair in negotiations
  • Where are we in the real estate cycle and how it impacts your investment horizon

5-5:50 p.m. ET


Self-Storage Legal Q&A With Jeffrey Greenberger

Jeffrey Greenberger, Partner, Greenberger & Brewer LLP

Get your legal questions answered in this open-forum-style Q&A. Make your list in advance and be ready to fire off your inquiries in this no-holds-barred session designed specifically to help you improve your operation as soon as you get back to the office. 

6-6:50 p.m. ET


Tech Evolution: Exploring the Self-Storage Virtual-Management Model

Terry Bagley, President of Smart Entry & Facility Automation Division, Janus International
Josh Boyd, President, StorEase

Unattended facilities are growing in popularity. While there are many successful models, operators often have questions about how to make automation work for them. In this session, you’ll hear how new technology has made virtual management possible. From automating the move-in process, to improving tenant access, to building and development considerations—they’ll cover it all!

You’ll learn:

  • How technology has improved the tenant onboarding experience
  • What technology is available to help operators fully automate the move-in and -out process
  • Best practices for virtual management
  • How to provide high levels of customer service and convenience with virtual management
  • How to keep unattended facilities secure and eliminate costly, manual processes 

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