Attendee FAQs

Registration & Setup

How do I attend the ISS Virtual Event?
The "Register" link is at or you can click here to go directly to the registration form. The process is fast and easy. Once the form is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation email with an add-to-calendar option, plus email reminders leading up to the event.

Can I attend the event from my tablet or phone?
Yes, attendees can experience the full event experience from any Internet-connected device.

Can I test my computer or device in advance?
Yes. On the event login page, click the “System Check” button to ensure your computer and connection are sufficient to support the experience and all its features. You can also run a test here.

What if I have problems accessing the event?
If you have trouble getting into the event platform, please email our support desk

What if I experience technical problems within the environment?
Help-desk representatives will be available to assist attendees from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET on Sept. 29 and 30. You can also seek assistance in the public chat or send email the support desk.

What if I miss the live event entirely?
No problem! Nearly all features of the platform will remain accessible to registrants after the event, though without live representatives in the exhibitor booths and help desk. The education sessions will be available on demand through Oct. 7. The other rooms/features will be available indefinitely. 

Attendee/Speaker Interaction

Once I’m inside the event environment, can I see who else is attending and connect with them?
Yes, you can see active attendees’ names, titles and companies. You can even invite someone to a one-on-one chat conversation, which they can choose to accept or decline.

Can I talk to the exhibitors?
Yes, exhibitor representatives will be clearly visible in each booth during the live event hours, and there will be options for one-on-one and group chat. If you visit a booth outside of live hours and no one is present, you can still send reps an email, and they’ll respond as soon as they’re able. 

Can I interact with the speakers during the sessions?
On some sessions, yes, but not all. The COVID-19 panel on Sept. 30 and all four Self-Storage Q&A sessions will be live upon their first airing, which means you’ll be able to submit questions to the presenters using the Q&A tool in the webinar environment. The remaining sessions are pre-recorded, so Q&A will not be available during the session itself; however, many of our presenters have opted to host a scheduled chat with attendees immediately after their session airs, so you may still have an opportunity to interact. Please check the event agenda for a list of scheduled chats and their days/times.  

If I join the event late, can I see the education sessions I missed? Will content be available on demand?

Yes! All of our education sessions, including the keynote address, seminars, COVID-19 panel and Q&As, will be available on demand after they first air. (Please expect a 30-minute delay after the first airing for processing; then they’ll be viewable any time.)

Though the live event ends on Sept. 30, all education will be accessible through Oct. 7. Just bear in mind that any interactive functions, such as Q&A and live polling, will be disabled during the on-demand replay. If you can attend on the live day, we recommend taking advantage of all the session features and functionality. 

Resources & Downloads

Can I get recordings of the education sessions?
Copies of the education seminars, including the COVID-19 panel discussion and keynote address, will be available for purchase through the ISS Store, in on-demand and DVD formats.

Can I download content and look at it later?
Yes, aside from the education sessions, there are lots of items you can download for convenience. Every attendee will have a digital briefcase into which he can download materials from the exhibit hall, resource center and new-product tour. When you’re done exploring the event, simply download a zipped folder from your briefcase to your own device.