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Finding Your Pocket of Opportunity: Firsthand Insight for Developing Self-Storage Despite Oversupply
Speaker: Marc Goodin, President, Storage Authority LLC 
Date/Time: Wednesday, April 28, 1-2 p.m. ET 

It's no secret that many self-storage markets are approaching oversupply, which means owners and developers must be cautious and savvy in choosing new sites on which to build. Success hinges on research, patience and critical thinking, and our presenter is the just sleuth you need! He'll discuss what saturation means to potential projects, favorable characteristics to seek in a site, pitfalls to avoid and more.  

You’ll learn:  

  • Site qualities that are favorable for new development 
  • How to find great properties others have missed 
  • How to identify dealbreakers—and sooner than later 
  • Important pitfalls and mistakes to avoid 
  • Steps and tricks for overcoming zoning issues   

Marc Goodin
President, Storage Authority LLC 

Marc Goodin is president of Storage Authority Franchising LLC. As a civil engineer, he’s designed commercial developments and self-storage facilities for more than 25 years. His industry expertise has been fine-tuned by designing, building and managing three facilities he personally owns. Marc’s experience from the trenches led to authorship of two marketing and planning books that are available in the Inside Self-Storage Store. He’s uniquely positioned to provide simple, straightforward and effective guidance in achieving industry-leading service and profit.