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Once COVID Is Over, Self-Storage Saturation Remains … How to Fortify Your Marketing to Combat the Glut of New Competitors
Speakers: Vanessa Carvajal, Agency Development Manager, Google; John Jordan, Co-Founder, Go Local Interactive
Date/Time: Thursday, April 29, 4:15-5:15 p.m. ET

We’re all eager to move past COVID-19 and get “back to normal,” but are we truly ready to do so from a marketing perspective? The pandemic temporarily masked the effect of increased competition in many markets, but self-storage operators should now be prepared to leverage digital marketing more than ever. To help you get up to speed and maximize your return, our presenters will review the latest trends, discuss how to develop a best-in-class lead-generation strategy, and show you how to improve campaign tracking.    

You’ll learn:  

  • Search-behavior trends from the past 12 months 
  • Changes in storage-advertiser competition and the impact on costs 
  • How to get back to the basics of digital marketing and do them exceptionally well 
  • Ways to leverage technology and user-experience improvements to generate leads 
  • How to invest in and truly understand your marketing metrics and goals 

Vanessa Carvajal
Agency Development Manager, Google 

Vanessa Carvajal is an agency development manager at Google, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She partners closely with digital-marketing agency Go Local Interactive to bring best-in-class strategies to its customers. She’s passionate about helping business operators drive profit to their bottom line with a full-funnel marketing strategy and helping them measure these efforts accurately by using a data-driven approach to attribution. 

John Jordan
Co-Founder, Go Local Interactive 

John Jordan is co-founder of Go Local Interactive, a digital-marketing agency headquartered in Kansas City. John has spent more than two decades in the agency world, specializing in consulting and advertising. He’s led roundtable discussions and webinars, and has been a speaker at conferences in a variety of industries. John’s passion is consulting with client partners to develop strategies for achieving their goals and objectives.