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Does Contact-Free Storage Come at a Human Cost? A Candid Discussion About Staff, Service and Technology
Speakers: Rick Beal and Magen Smith, Co-Founders, Atomic Storage Group 
Date/Time: Thursday, April 29, 2:15-3:15 p.m. ET

Contact-free options for processing rentals, payments and move-ins have been all the rage in self-storage over the past year because they offer convenience and a layer of safety during the pandemic. But despite the benefits of using technology, it’s fair to wonder about the permanency of these tools and processes and whether they have unintentional consequences for the industry. Our presenters will examine the potential impact of the contactless trend on facility ownership, staff and customers.  

You’ll learn:  

  • What “contact-free” really means in a self-storage environment 
  • How the increased use of technology affects the mindset of owners, employees and customers 
  • How to weigh the benefits of tech tools against work culture and customer experience 
  • Potential service issues that can arise from a no-contact approach 
  • Tips for smoothing the transition and finding the right balance for your business 

Rick Beal
Co-Founder, Atomic Storage Group

Rick Beal is a founding member of Atomic Storage Group, a third-party management company that also offers facility-auditing, feasibility and consulting services. Rick is a frequent contributor of industry-related articles and blogs. He’s also been a regular speaker and panel expert at industry events, providing his perspective on self-storage investment opportunities and operation. 

Magen Smith
Co-Founder, Atomic Storage Group

Magen Smith is the co-founder of Atomic Storage Group, a self-storage management company, and owner of Magen Smith CPA, an outsourced accounting department for the self-storage industry. She’s also a partner in Safe Space Development, a self-storage development company. Magen started in the industry as a manager and has held every role possible in storage. She has a passion for the industry, helping owners improve their business, teaching asset management and conducting self-storage audits.