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Justification Toolkit

We know it can be difficult for self-storage managers to ask their owner or supervisor for permission (and money) to attend an industry conference and tradeshow like the Inside Self-Storage World Expo. We’ve created this Justification Toolkit to help you make your case! The materials in this section will help you gain a greater understanding of the event and how to communicate the potential value your attendance.

We’ve created three simple resources that’ll help you estimate the cost of attending the ISS World Expo and express your reasons for wanting to participate.  Your owner or supervisor is sure to appreciate the investment made into your training and development as well as your commitment to the company's success! Each of the following documents is saved as a Word doc, so you can create your own customized version. 

Cost and Benefits Worksheet

This worksheet will help calculate the cost of attending and organize your key objectives.

Letter to Supervisor

This will help you with "the ask." Simply complete the areas in yellow and customize the document to fit your needs.

Post-Show Checklist

Complete this after the event and submit it to your owner supervisor so they can see how valuable the ISS World Expo was for you and business as a whole!

Be ready to answer any question your owner or supervisor may have. Their decision will likely depend on the information you provide and how well you sell the benefits of attending the event. Good luck!